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Packaging Design

Consistency to the core

Behind the identity and packaging, we documented the core creative idea for the launch so that internal teams, agencies, and vendors, across advertising, retail, and events, would all speak the same language—fluently and clearly.

Ancient wisdom balanced with modern taste

Sokenbicha teas are functional formulations based on the traditional principles of Kampo herbal medicine. They’re also delicious and refreshing. With a combination of Japanese characters; clear benefit descriptions and icons; and modern East-meets-West color and composition, we made sure that function and flavor were both well represented.

Not lost in translation

Sushi, acupuncture, Ichiro, Toyotas—Japanese ideas imported to the West have long proven themselves refreshingly wise. But, they’ve also taken years to achieve consumer understanding and acceptance. To introduce Japan’s No.1 bottled tea to the U.S. market, we created a design language to help accelerate the learning curve.

Platform to launch great things