PLATFORM | Natural is brand design agency in Seattle Washington


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Natural — Coca-Cola Life
  • Coca-Cola Life’s all about natural goodness. Or, a brand in touch with nature. A brand that isn’t selfish. It knows what’s essential, and believes human nature is essentially good. And wants to spread the goodness...naturally.
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  • COCA-COLA LIFE Brand Launch

    Our definition of sweet changes over time, but what never changes is our appetite for it. Launching in Argentina to a spectacular reception, Coca-Cola Life brings an all-natural, low-calorie cola to those who crave better. TV spot created by Santo Buenos Aires.

  • COCA-COLA LIFE Identity

    In good company, the identity and packaging systems
    had to rise to the challenge. Hundreds of studies were
    explored to find just the right mark.

  • COCA-COLA LIFE Package Design

    And the logo, ribbon, claim, etc. had to clearly perform within a
    system to work on all packs, of all sizes and configurations.

  • COCA-COLA LIFE Visual Identity System

    To manage a brand this big, we served up all elements
    for guiding efforts across packaging, grocery, activation,
    in- and out-of home.